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John Rattray

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Edgar called Jimmy and Jimmy called Marius. Marius called Russell and Russell gave Marius my number. Marius called me and said "Yo, this kid Edgar's got Tyler's phone that he left at the spot that morning." Tyler said, "For real? Daaammmm! I've had that thing since 92 and I was about to cancel that shit!" Tyler called Edgar and Edgar dropped the phone back with Tyler in East LA the next day. Thanks Edgar. @esgar90 @tylersurrey @caobron @suomi_bob

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John Rattray
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hellacoolsbc 1364297806
@ratt_ray when I met you at that demo in Ohio. I have to say you were the coolest of all them. Good shit.
caobron 1364310946
πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠβœŒπŸ‘ @esgar90 @ratt_ray @tylersurrey @russellhoughten @suomi_bob it's like an episode of Seinfeld!
skipmang 1364315561
@esgar90 fuk yea!
ratt_ray 1364326679
Thanks @jameskelch I remember I was going to call you about some stuff and then life changed. Hopefully catch up somewhere one of these days.
hellacoolsbc 1364327129
@ratt_ray word. For sure.
e_code 1364333790
@tylersurrey rules.
ratt_ray 1364364510
Photo by @mikeomeally
ratt_ray 1375823301
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