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Max Schaaf

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Got back from Tampa bay, and needed to be reunited with the San Francisco Bay. So good to see so many old friends in Tampa pro. Blown away by some of the new kids and there amazing talent and stoke. Ben Rayborn, Shane O'Neill, and Ronnie Sandoval to name a few..... And then skating with Christian Hosoi and Jeff Grosso.... Childhood dream time. Inspiring. I rode here today on the 69 to just reflect and take it all in. Socially I can never say it, too many people, to different from my cave dweller lifestyle. But I thank all the people out there for making me proud to be a part of it. We can't change reality to make things better for us but we can live real and enjoy it while it's good. #tampapro #skateboarding #inspired

4q69 Instagram profile picture
Max Schaaf
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dannywainwright 1364333781
garageartists 1364334162
@dannywainwright. Gotya hook up soom homes
sheabonez 1364371856
Cheers (and congratulations!) 🍻
instaffej 1364417540
Was so stoked to see you out there Max! Looked like a rad session. Except for all the rain. Did you get any sessions in after Friday's hour or so before the downpour?
4q69 1364437613
@instaffej totally man, couple good ones.
instaffej 1364438016
gasmask1 1366759489
Hey Its Jude.......lets hook up and go for a ride. Cheers @4q69
luk3_5kyw4lk3r 1371162588
Inspiring words bro, wisdom at its best. @4q69
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