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Lil trick I learned back when I was a kid. I use to really hate when my trucks would squeak while turning. I ripped my trucks apart for days, before i figured out this annoying "Funny Lil squeaking sound"! Take some Dawn dish soap and squirt that shit into your pivot cushion, and your good to go! #skatetipoftheday

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Kerry Getz
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greg_kats 1364252366
Thanks dude I've always wondered what to do for it cause I can't stand the squeak either!
newportcadillac 1364269950
You just made so many filmers so happy
kerrygetz 1364269971
@cshaff if I'm filming for a video usually only a day or so. Sucks, but I can't shake the temper. It's in my blood
kerrygetz 1364270046
@greg_kats there's a cure for almost everything out there. You just have to do your research. Glad my skate tip could help you out.👊
ryanflow 1364349211
@getzhabitat i wish i woulda known this in my filmer days... the truck squeak, wheel noise, and holding the cam steady when trying to stop at the end of a run... worst pet peeves of mine... fixed the wheels noise by using bones swiss with lube and huge soft wheels, now i got the truck solution, just need to figure out a quiet way to put my foot down to stop lol THXX
dalian_moya 1364522209
@brandonberke kids finding the tricks of the trade haha
brandonberke 1364526017
Hahaha @dalian_moya
_mattwaller 1366162282
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