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Chillin in Tampa with my boys @kevinromar @franchizeboi @shonny246 @uree1 @reemopearson @dlamonte @nikesb @bebesteezhoe

theotisbeasley Instagram profile picture
Theotis Beasley
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paolarivah 1364182376
freefollowrs12 1364182686
d_up123 1364184903
tankbails 1364190308
I like your t-shirt middle guy
st.ev.e 1364204098
Bleedat @theotisb
franchizeboi 1364272611
Haha foshoooo @reemopearson wish u made it down. @kevinromar @theotisb and I turnt it up all weekend... I will fly out sokn to visit before another trip pops up
franchizeboi 1364317091
No ur not @marilyn_mcm
mauuuuuro 1376082536
@theotisb What's good homie, I met you at Tampa Pro on that Saturday, you slept in and got there late or somethin haha, got a pic with you in my Insta. I don't normally do this, but I figured I'd ask since you worked your way up like I'm trying.. Any way you could hook me up with boards, or sneaks....I barely work, but best beleee skating is my passion homie, & I'm taking steps to get where you're at and I'm at it every day. I feel like I can accomplish this, but some inspiration from a pro would be a huge push. Can't wait to see your part for Chronicles man. Sincerely wish you the best, and I'ma keep pushin till I die, BELEEEE DAT.
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