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Kelly Hart

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@thejoeface made it to Laguna!

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Kelly Hart
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instagallagher 1364172076
Crystal cove!!! That's my shit!!!!
ian_roland12 1364172782
@instagallagher is there another bank to the side of that one? And if so, are you still able I skate both of them?
insta_fade 1364173004
Yeee big face!!! @thejoeface
instagallagher 1364173024
Ahh dude I'm not really sure cause I've only seen it from the highway. Never skated it cause I've been out on injury. @thatianguy12
ian_roland12 1364173121
@instagallagher ahh! Darn, thanks any way man!
thejoeface 1364179231
@brickharbor you already know! @gavinnolan1 filmed it for me.
lettucebreath 1365498221
"I could do that" (Lush said it, not me)
preston_joy 1366410578
I've always wanted to shred this place!
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