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Chico Brenes

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@chocolateskateboards 8" @independenttrucks 139's @autobahnwheelco 52mm @bonesbearings Swiss

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Chico Brenes


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nicdoerksen 1364141561
Nice @chicobrenes I have your pro model from a few years back and its a 7.625 What made you switch up to something so much bigger like an 8.0?
chicobrenes 1364142254
@snowwakeskate Dope, Thank You. Back in the day we rode bigger boards, then skating got more technical & people started switching to smaller boards. Now it seems that more kids are skating both street & tranny so they need bigger boards.
nicdoerksen 1364142544
Wow @chicobrenes thanks for all the answers. You know your stuff. Loved all the parts youve put out there good luck with your skating Chico!
hxcbritnahh 1364143943
@chicobrenes thanks for the feedback :) 👍
shilohtha1 1364144416
Can i have that board @chicobrenes
kristi_gilley 1364145346
@chicobrenes 👋Chico! My son loves Chocolate boards! Hope to see you and the DVS team again next yr for the DTown Throwdown, it was good hanging out with y'all at Shooters bar 😜
steezykobe 1364152390
@chicobrenes give me my money chico😎
kninesa 1364182303
I love that graphic
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