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Torey Pudwill

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Schulte backside lip-sliding HAM !! Peep his new grizzly commercial www.grizzlygriptape.com/news/ #grizzlygang @justinschulte

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Torey Pudwill
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martygruberr 1364148198
Estancia high school i saw you guys there yeaterday
На стильке такой!
marcellbozoki 1364166400
@willybum99 i was wrong.. I have no idea why they didn't show up. (Him and Cole). But still a rad contest anyways! Congrats @luanomatriz
dylandegele8 1364175012
Him, Cole, Mikey, and mo! But I agree it was fucking amazing!!!
s33ym0ur 1364193552
@marcellbozoki yeh as soon as @luanomatriz landed that hardflip I just thought he's got it although @nyjah_huston and @steezortiz were pressing though but what a contest! @spottampa
mathew__jones 1369376130
Your my inspiration man I do backlips down like everything , wear big loose tops and grizzly grip , plan b deck
mathew__jones 1369376159
Your my favourite skater , your crazy dude and have the best style
nickdunnerr 1432582850
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