Photo from mccranker

In honor of Tampa Pro going on right now I opened up the old trophy cupboard and took a pic of @erickoston 's "worst trick" award the he earned there (he left it in our hotel room). It's a pic of @dailybs @spottampa Have fun this weekend bro's!! ❤❤❤

jim_stone91 1364073576
haha thats whats up, i was doing some reminiscing myself and all i gotta say is brazilian vacation!! I was 5 when it came out little did i know what i was in for back then. your one of the best to ever do it rick to this day!
xmajasteex 1364074408
What was the worst trick? @mccranker
ed.templeton 1364076248
Ha! @mccranker @dailybs
mccranker 1364078977
@xmajasteex I think it was a boneless 360 over the rail.
xmajasteex 1364081460
Gets my vote lol
trettonfyrtionio 1364115095
270 boneless noseblunt slide kinda thing wasnt it? :)
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