Photo from tyler_hunger

So happy that I learned over krook on big rail!!! #skateverydamnday #hyped #scariestthingiveverdone

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rybeckford 1364054431
tyler_hunger 1364054554
Well it dosent matter what it's called, the bottom line is that you can't do it because you got banned from Payne for a year👊😉 @rybeckford
rybeckford 1364054608
Hell yea
rybeckford 1364057668
I go to river walk
kairamoss 1364174898
Why did you get ban from Payne rybeckford
rybeckford 1364235364
@kjr523 for being savsge
rybeckford 1364236539
@kjr523 for being savage
dgkeenan_ 1366075004
Jeez someone needs to make u pro lol @tyler_hunger
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