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"My home in Miami..." - Felix #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #Present 87-?

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From New York, to New Jersey, to Huntington Beach, to Miami, to San Diego, to Los Angeles where I live now... Damn, I moved around! Well this throwback is my home in Miami which is still there with my Mom and Dad holding it down. Miami is and was some fun tines but I had to move because it is advised to only do it in doses unless your retiring, your in the nightlife or dope game. But I'm not gonna lie it feels like home when I come back to see my family and my friends treat me like the mayor... I love Miami!
risk_takers 1363884530
Nice. Keep killing it bro much respect from Miami.
justincities 1363885887
@onefelix you going by the shop today?
justincities 1363885903
@jr305_ CubaLibre represent lol
mitchell_loy 1363887862
You're the man felix
jeroen_kuijpens 1363890025
@onefelix hey how is Ammo doin? Already for sale in europe? Famous part was sick, dude!
tuandigglz 1364868059
Is that where we all stayed when we were there back in '99?
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