Photo from erickoston


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thisguysthelimit 1363842790
@oliver54 is in my top 5 of all time. #FUCKYEAH
unkl 1363843525
@hntrsb pale ass nigga
oliver54 1363844293
@frekleface if you put all your brown ass spots together you would be brown @erickoston @hntrsb #rockydennis
frekleface 1363844917
Hahahaaa! @oliver54
spookysounds 1363845343
Do a girl/chocolate demo in Newfoundland. For fuck sakes. Get gnar on george street.
catkid 1363865219
167k followers??? I didn't know there were that many skateboarders.
hellbilly_harris 1363866089
@erickoston hope to meet you this weekend!!
axlhoss 1363870978
That's my dog!!! @oliver54
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