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Kerry Getz

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HOCKEY TEMPER has completed his MISSION. The count down now begins!!

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Kerry Getz
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kerrygetz 1363839749
@thetimoconnor thanks homie👊
kerrygetz 1363839839
@lakelander 2000 was one epic year for me. The golden fucking days!! Thank you skateboarding!
lakelander 1363840412
Would love to see you back out here one of these days. Hadn't seen u in person since back then but still a fan. #GoldenDaysIsRight
kerrygetz 1363841845
@lakelander thanks! Been working on some projects you'll probably be psyched on. 👍
mj_cresta 1363851786
Psyched for ur project!
nopopoch 1363874661
Countdown for what?! Where do I go to find out about it? I'm gettin pumped!
kerrygetz 1363882450
@nopopoch you will soon know.
gleanerscafe 1363886053
Smashin' bottles, and waitin'...
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