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Geoff Rowley

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"You can take the boy out of Liverpool but you cannot take Liverpool out of the boy" Honored to support, ride and represent Lost Art Skateshop; Liverpool, England. Online interview coming soon... @lostartshop #truth #raw #real #support

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Geoff Rowley
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dpensyl 1365729885
Hope you and the fam are well. Let me know when you're heading east, we'll cruise.
bloodclot666ananaz 1366253411
samuel_blanshard 1366292455
That's fucking awesome that he's supporting the greatest skate shop ever! @lostartshop is the heart and soul skaters in and around Liverpool! The only skate shop I've ever used!
lostartshop 1366307545
@supersammyb thanks for the kind words fam
chris__inman 1370602350
Happy bday @geoffrowley
dale_barrow_ 1371060710
LA all day
ellburge 1375873098
La. :D
21sneakerman 1376693463
@geoffrowley sick tee sick skate crew
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