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goatmoufgumbo 1363844351
Where would we be w out LA Dave? #LASKATE #LIFESAVER
smokiekim420 1363848033
camilo_zzzzzz 1363849506
efematt 1363890131
The man dave
apetsk8r65 1364023096
He's the raddest
guymariano 1364357912
ericdressen 1364525224
Yeah Dave !!!!
eye_am_damon 1365014267
Dave holding down the skate scene 4eva! Started in Glendale and was initially called Hotskates. Dave is the mayor for the OG LA skate scene. Plus he's a depot outlet for the struggling skater who needs a few extra bucks... Long live LASKATE! What up frost?? @erickoston
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