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Solar weather app is totally kick ass! Whether on the coast or in the mountains, I highly recommend upgrading from the junk that comes standard on the iPhone. #solarapp

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Geoff Rowley
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gvbxx 1363817505
Lovin the weather out here in LB today
arukadeath 1363817654
ross__byrne 1363818763
No you dumbass. ^
steeley90 1363822336
You lucky cunt! I gripped my new Penny shroom deck last night and it rained all fuckin' day today!
sajsajsaj 1363824801
flotography88 1364442425
Thats a clean and easy app geoff. check also Storm Spotter, my favorite app, well worth the $10 with up to the minute Base reflecticity tilt 1-4, base velocity, echo tops and storm rain total. No more predicting but just checking the radar to see what the weather is doing. Cheers
geoffrowley 1364445969
I'll check that Flo, may come in handy way the hell out there! @flotography88
t_blu_m 1365203392
Hey, Geoff we have a black Rowley Pro size 8 in stock @ Vans in Belmont if you still need another pair come on in
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