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If you like the song "Synthesize" from the beginning of #PrettySweet then go get @maximumhedrum album! It just dropped today on iTunes👍

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jared.m.p 1363737385
Fuck California, you made me boring.
2_dirty_2bfamous 1363738329
@jared_661 Yeah!!!
imchasen 1363739547
@jared_661 not that song dude lol
cruisinconnor 1363740849
@jared_661 hahaha it's the synthesize, electrify one during the slow motion. 2nd song on the video
megamunden 1363743791
@peeppeepdontsleep @solutionsman
jared.m.p 1363744048
Lol I know I left that comment before I found out. @jayporta @cruisinconnor @imchasen
maximumhedrum 1363760385
phanman007 1363763865
@mrsanchez96 you know what it is!
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