Photo from keithhufnagel

Del 2 look book out now @hufworldwide @killingiteveryday #waitwhat

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creative.control 1363719560
Montrose st
eddy_g.h 1363719783
@keith_hufnagel will you guys be making a all over print "fuck it" hoodie or tee?
pacheco___ 1363734635
istikfigure 1363735559
julianchristianson 1364004477
Met u when I was a lil fetus skaten at dpark and u gave me info to deluxe and told me to send In footy but I lost the card and never sent any. Haha but I tell u what it still motivated me to getvwhere I am now still skating and traveling! @keith_hufnagel
julianchristianson 1364004491
Dpark standard for Denver skateboard
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