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@familiask8shop #springbreakhours are in #fulleffect take advantage while you can!

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Cj Tambornino
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danny_supa 1363720069
hrvstskim 1363871388
brandonbowes 1364100208
You goin there tomorrow man?
cj_tambo 1364101882
@brandonbowes yea ill be there at noon when they open and ill bring those wheels but ill probably leave by 1... If u cant make it I can maybe leave Em with who evers working!!
brandonbowes 1364102248
That'd be rad man!! I appreciate it! Maybe I can get there around open to shred with you anyways. Thanks dog.
brandonbowes 1364164954
Dude I'm here! Did you drop em off?
cj_tambo 1364167903
@brandonbowes though u said u were gonna go at noon so I didn't leave Em..
brandonbowes 1364168385
Damn man! Haha
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