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Rob Meronek

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Fancy Monday night sauce at the local neighborhood bar. Kicking off the busiest week of the year with a relaxing night.

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Rob Meronek
gashuffer 1363649899
I am in town lets do this
knowskate 1363653012
See you Thursday!
meronek 1363657256
Ah shit Tom I can't gas huff this early in the week @gashuffer ha. Yeah you @knowskate way warmer than that Hollywood, CO hills shit wooo!
knowskate 1363658735
No doubt! ☀☀>⛄⛄
roundhouse_creative 1363692443
That place any good?
meronek 1363698298
@roundhousea the drinks and place itself are great. I'm not grown up enough to eat there, though, it's a bit fancy pants like that, duck bunz or something like that all over the menu ha
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