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fredy__herrera 1363629121
@efematt will do bro! But I'm more then likely gonna put in work on that board ha.
efematt 1363630121
O foshow! butt later down the line even years from now if you have extra shit just pass it on thanks bro .
efematt 1363630142
efematt 1364233389
@fredyoo151 don't think I forgot about you homeboy I'll be in la Friday morning if that's all good witch ya.
fredy__herrera 1364233690
Yeah bro! That would be dope!!! What size board is it ? Do you happen to know? I mean anythins fine. @efematt
efematt 1364234478
Its 8 quarter. A do you know were ggb the dispenserys at on olive
efematt 1364234608
Its 8 quarter.a do you know were GGB is the dispensery on olive is @fredyoo151
dabiersnell 1364338661
fun night! thanks again!! @erickoston
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