Photo from erickoston

"So Jerry, what you want to do is #________________" @internetfamous @furrycalamari

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barbracrooks 1363553731
Find the bubble. @brujablanca
marcruckus 1363554647
Go straight edge
dsquad905 1363556191
put your thumb thru that can!
mareksokal 1363564134
Shotguuuunnnnnnnnnn boieeeee
marcjohnson 1363569316
Did he try to poke a chopstick through it? @erickoston @internetfamous @furrycalamari
dannyolddeactive 1363816818
@erickoston I love you!!
streethandle 1364874349
Just do the math Jerry you'll get it
edmann 1371778562
Is that Mike Carroll?
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