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Jamie Thomas

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respect your elders; 佛山, 中國

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Jamie Thomas
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angie__belle 1363552137
ysr22 1363565035
nomoreluke 1363565088
@pararoge noone wants to kill you... You seem a bit weird
_fencepost_ 1363590674
Your always taking the sickest photos. @jamiethomas your battle commander was to sick btw man... good to see you still killing it. Keeping me motivated man!
jamiethomas 1363593511
@pararoge respect 👍
nomoreluke 1363604351
@pararoge why do I say you seem a bit weird?? I think you've just answered that one for me fella! I wasn't being rude, all I was saying was that, if you're going to correct someone, you look a bit stupid if you are wrong when you do it. Then you went on about people wanting to kill you, then that last rant! So, yeah, weird
nomoreluke 1363612673
@pararoge ahhh, so you speak Spanish?? Even more reason NOT to correct someone's English! Imbecile
nomoreluke 1363751680
@pararoge 2. English and French. Good joke fella. Stick to the day job - a life in comedy is not beckoning
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