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Andrew Cannon

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Check out @allisports and see my Picture This. It's a tour of my house. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH7gxLuCx9o&feature=player_embedded

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Andrew Cannon
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_the_notorious_bif_ 1363464773
God I wish I had the Malto rookie board you have on your wall.
therealaudreycannon 1363470933
Andrew, you could have cleaned your kitchen up a little more. What is it you do all day while your woman is out working so hard!!?? :-P
moistxlvagina 1363535861
Cool! Do you keep your socks in the crisper like bucj 65? Let's find out!
andrewcannon 1363536047
Hahaha @moistvagina what does that even mean?!
moistxlvagina 1363536144
BUCK 65 * LOL! Just means, I wonder if you're completely batshit random
moistxlvagina 1363536483
And I LOVEE buck!
andrewcannon 1363537553
Haha @moistvagina I think there is a bit of random stuff, but I don't know about batshit random. You'll have to be the judge.
chillcomply 1363636969
Diggin the board wall man.
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