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Kerry Getz

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Kerry Getz
_chuck_morrison 1363406805
Fire on Awesome St!
pat_rriicckk 1363407162
baleedat 1363409146
pallets are the best kindling! get there b!
paulryangoslingg 1363421565
@getzhabitat you most likely are over it, but you and any others should film a video and display some skating like it use to be. No need to impress with switchflip back tail big flips..just plain old skating of the old originals..just think about it for a few days and get it real deep in your cerebral. Your gonna be realllll old before you know it and are gonna wish you did what I'm suggesting at least one more time while you had the chance. Either way you and anyone else who makes this world a better place for others is a king so keep it up. my bad for the girth of this message I am drunk
kerrygetz 1363451979
@paulryanbohl watch Philadelphia experiment on YouTube. That brings back the older style of skating. I'm planning on filming more this spring and summer. I've been out of the spot light for a while cause I've been working on a big project. I'm launching it next week. I will be social networking the shit out of it. Plus advertising it on the berrics. Keep your eyes open for next week.👍
sketchyg 1363454763
There's 200 Christmas trees in the road by my house if I can get a dump truck ill drop them off
paulryangoslingg 1363462475
Hell yeah that's what I like to hear @getzhabitat
kerrygetz 1363470229
@imnotsketchy fuck yeah! Hook it up
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