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As a kid I always thought when I got older I would run my dad's record stores. #AppleTreeRecords #BJrecords

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Bart Jones
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trollpiss 1363404986
Really funny story.
worldsbestdad 1363405443
Hey @bigreel remember that one time (for 7 minutes) when Shart was the heir to a chain of play it again sports? That was cool.
ed_dominick 1363409096
Funny when your in a van full of lies! @worldsbestdad
keith1971 1363418134
@bartjones Apple tree records that used to be in Elgin, IL??
d1rtyharry 1363447376
Wait....music didn't just shoot out of space and into your handheld portable computer back In The day?.....dislike.
bartjones 1363583215
@d1rtyharry <very funny @keith1971 < yes! Do you remember that was my families pride n joy!
keith1971 1363583466
@bartjones HELL YEAH!!...when it was on Larkin ave, I went to a Nuclear Assault in store. My friend Jeremy worked there around 1988.
bartjones 1363585757
@keith1971 gonna run that one past my papi.. See if he has any rememberance
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