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Nick Tucker

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Uh oh.Pain Is Beauty at the @berrics dot com

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Nick Tucker
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gooddankco 1363370749
Just watched your part bro, your a beast haha
j0nte_ 1363372637
your part was amazing🙏 soo hype to go skate now
fabienfvideos 1363376339
@nickfucker I'm gonna watch your part before every skate sesh now =p. Your nollie heel noseslide nollie lateflip out was amazing! Props to you!
mantwuan 1363383878
you had the best part Nick
sk8tothata45 1363386261
You had the best part for sure always creative and motivational seeing you skate
pmerkulov 1363402706
nollie heel noseslide frontfood flip out was fuckin perfect! @nickfucker
santisbmad 1363623456
Your part was dope!
organikjake 1363703121
Part was super bangin and hyped you're on supra just saw the add! @nickfucker
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