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Shane Oneill

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Backside flip, Cali has the best school! Sorry another #selfie @emiliodangelo wouldn't skate.

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Shane Oneill
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livtom2 1364595250
Shane you got the sickest backsideflips and switch 360 doubleflips!!!
angkick 1365397065
awesome trick
markpulido15 1365490203
You inspire me @shanejoneill
keifer122 1365507898
Your actually an amazing skater and you can do all your tricks like nothing its awesone:) @shanejoneill
masonbinns 1366237452
You are my second favorite skater.... No offense, cory kennedy is my first fav
plerts 1373150735
Hey u gotta check out springall acadamy its the beast school in cali for sure :)
plerts 1373150761
*best school
chrismanjeeno 1373518966
Yo my bad but can u unblock fisoy it was a joke there goofy fuckers haha if you can that'd be much appreciated thanks man, idk why it's a big deal but whatever thanks again
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