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#waitwhat @peterramondetta #hufintexas @hufworldwide

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bignastytimmyb 1363235481
@jchina09 what?!?!?!
medullaflow 1363287776
hyphysteez 1364855162
#fuckit #freepeter
naturalbornlurker 1365653441
@gaythanblowses @tripmolina @shreddy_krooger y'all shoulda made a GT shirt like this for me
shreddy_krooger 1365654608
wanted to nancy said no @jmfb713
naturalbornlurker 1365654745
She is my legal advisor @shreddy_krooger skkkkketch
shreddy_krooger 1365654822
Yeah I was bout that life. I wanted to do amilk carton "missing since" status type shit @jmfb713
naturalbornlurker 1365655408
@shreddy_krooger well damn
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