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Nyjah Huston

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He's down for the claw! #monstertat @monsterenergy

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Nyjah Huston
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timmsummers 1363566810
Not questioning his ability to shred but pros need to stick to skating not scean bullshit for pay checks. He's allready rich as fuck@quenneville1luv
thatmccoy 1363673722
Lol people freaking out. It looks fake. Look at the "S" and "T" pretty sure he would've gotten better quality if it were real
davidiamonds 1363734853
Buagggggg buagggggg ubbbbgg
quenneville1luv 1363877685
I never said anything about the public the kid has all the money in the world! Let him do what he wants with it, your gunna bag him out cause he's got a tar, fuck look at malto' cole.. Etc there all tatted! This is not do a show its because its what he like with full support for his sponsers! @timmsummers
_lostboysforever_ 1377639287
I love monster but if it was real would have all oily and really colorful and bright but it's not it kinda dull
ripcity.vaping 1381177817
That's not even nyjah you fucking retards. @timmsummers @quenneville1luv its hilarious how fucking stupid you all are.
ripcity.vaping 1381177830
You make me laugh more then the tatoo. Haha
ripcity.vaping 1381178094
And yeah.. lol tattoos are always so bright and oily. Whacko...
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