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@thesoftwhite60s made it to Austin! Hangin in the Beats By Dre VIP lounge. Check them out at SXSW! www.thesoftwhitesixties.com #pillfix #pillclinic #beatsbydre #beats #vice #viceland #thesoftwhitesixties

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andrewlangi1 1363132881
Oh nice do u get hooked up with shit???lol thats dope
american_icon 1363134007
@octopusantlers im just breaking balls man .
american_icon 1363134313
@thesoftwhite60s I see black a beanie , sweater and hella cool vintage Italian boots/shoes . Tank tops and flip flops would be more appropriate if its that hot out . Oh and the new record is pretty rad . #breakingballs #alljokes
thesoftwhite60s 1363140682
@american_icon HA! you totally redeemed yourself on the Italian boots spotting. But lets be real - tanks and flops are toooo hip
american_icon 1363149966
Yeah today's fashion is a no win , we're all wearing costumes . @thesoftwhite60s
skandrew 1363221214
Yeah mane! @andrewlangi1
andrewlangi1 1363221837
Thats legit lets make a trade? Lol product for product?
skandrew 1363222315
Yeah we can work somethin out for sure @andrewlangi1
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