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Nyjah Huston

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If you're in the area come check out the @dcshoes demo in Nashville at Sixth ave skatepark tonight at 6:00pm

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Nyjah Huston
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jacobalanmoore 1363137510
@photobandito you're a badass, you can start shit with a 14 year old over Instagram. Lmfao.
benedrx 1363174586
Belgium :) @connor_1997
Do you remember me from sixth ave
smile.____.ornot 1363181564
@nyjah_huston you all should come to Chattanooga, it's just 2 hours away, it's in-between Nashville and atl! For real y'all should come just skate the park for a day or street skate. U can easily come just for a day. I go to Nashville to skate for a day all the time.
hail_poseidon 1363207531
Dang, i was actually going there but the netherlands is where im heading. @benederichs
mvttb 1363981398
Dude I went it was sick
mvttb 1363981423
We hardly evr get pros to come down heee
mvttb 1363981429
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