Photo from njskateshop

Stussy timberland , alien/habitat and super sunglasses

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kevin_nj 1363113277
ryan_the_butcher 1363124718
By any chance did you guys get that hold fast elephantbrand in yet? @njskateshop
njskateshop 1363124750
@ryanschnobawlz order on the way
shred843 1363124877
Hey I really like your skate shop I want to travel to nj just to go to your shop, but could u please send me some free stickers, so I can put them on my board and tell me friend that njskateshops my favorite skate shop
njskateshop 1363125436
@shred843 thank you what's your address
shred843 1363125518
1524 Faith St., Mt. Pleasant,South Carolina, zip: 29466
shred843 1363126420
Is that all the info you needed?
ryan_the_butcher 1363129352
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