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Jake Sykes

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I missed my baby

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Jake Sykes
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tony_besabe 1363111440
yake_yykes 1363111489
haha I don't know what the first two things mean but it's just stock I've had it for like a year it's a '92 just gets me around
yake_yykes 1363111493
tony_besabe 1363111876
Lol ohh well when I mean vip and stances, I mean vip as in making it super luxury with all the baller after market parts and stances means lowering your car and making it so the tires are tucked under the fenders and rims almost touch body. Lol car slang.. lol sorry. @yake_yykes
yake_yykes 1363111917
haha it's all good that VIP sounds raw @tony_besabe
tony_besabe 1363111977
Google some shit, you'll see what I'm talking about. Lol might turn you out. Haha @yake_yykes
yake_yykes 1363112003
@tony_besabe alright thanks g
tony_besabe 1363112892
Np! @yake_yykes you can make those super sick!!
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