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Jamie Thomas

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@daneburman warmin up the streets; 50-50 transfer @zeroskateboards #coldwariscoming

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Jamie Thomas
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hasksolo 1363116788
Shred the gnar!
daneburman 1363130405
@tinstagram_ @trevuhhward youre both fucking dead
trevuhhward 1363146260
Come at us bro, we eat pieces of shit like you for brekky @daneburman .. Right @tinstagram_ ;)
bcurrie 1363150018
Bald fuck @daneburman
fartin.miebig 1363155552
Stupid poor People @tinstagram_ @trevuhhward ... Stop talking about stupid haircuts... That's skateboarding and not a fucking mag about the haircut from Leonardo di caprio. By the way it looks fine and the 50-50 too. I like it and @daneburman goes great with zero. Sorry for the bad English. I'm a fat German
tinstagram_ 1363168193
Leonardo do caprio is da bawss
baskwith 1363351013
@tinstagram_ hahaha
jakemcnoodles 1373351387
Dude my house is right next to that spot jordan hoffart and ben raemers came too
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