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Surfing out this land!! have a great night #instafamily and if u get a chance go check out this @matixclothing video.. Vimeo.com/61052180 πŸ™ thanks again everyone for the support !!

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Daewon Song
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daewon1song 1363153770
@broseph91 πŸ‘ I remember u killed it!! Hope to see u again out in Tampa brotha and tha ks again!!!
jeremiahjohnsonn 1363185869
Im gonna skate that next time I go, sick landing, @daewon1song
remyb28 1363222573
Yo brotha I really need a board can you help me out I'm carless and need some type of wheels to get around @daewon1song
shannodean 1363317747
I cant beleive how crazy nice daewon s damn favorite skater till i die even favorite skater in heaven lol @daewon1song
dangelo_alonso27 1363571412
Bro you're such an amazing skater and an inspiration on my life as a skater I appreciate the pic we took bro
dangelo_alonso27 1363571416
skatear 1364180786
who is @daewon1song?? Is inspiration & creativity thanks!! for you the skate es mi vida
jt_air 1364281181
Surf it braddah. Miss u boo. Better come see me and vince. Aloha
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