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Cory Kennedy riding a Koston 8.25 Girl skateboard, Royal 4's (Kremer model) trucks, standard bushing (the top bushing are cut in half), 52mm Spitfire Classics, Chocolate Swiss bearings, Jessup grip, 7/8 Allen (2 bolts per truck) chocolate bolts. @corykennedy

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Ronnie Creager
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ben_tage 1363068663
@dthomp35 cut in half bushings and only 2 hardware? Haha
daveswift01 1366816483
Hey Ronnie. Is this something you could do for the mag on a monthly basis? Let me know. @ronniecreager
pile_o_flesh 1381775172
@ronniecreager chocolate hardware 2per truck
pile_o_flesh 1381775598
@ronniecreager oh... and thwy are 7/8 :)
dylanmilne 1383780274
@ronniecreager do you think you could get your hands on @raventershy set up??
jake_holley_ 1387160052
Why does he skate an 8.25 but all his boards are 8.0 @girlskateboards @corykennedy
gnarlycarr 1397377250
I freaking love these, keep them going!! And CK1 is the hometown hero👍👍
ronniecreager 1397394276
I start some more soon @gnarlycarr 👍
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