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Kerry Getz

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Just one of those days. #angermanagement #hockeytemper

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Kerry Getz
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shalfy30 1363115512
Ok, just let me know, definitely need bigger than 8.5 thanks
corymansour 1363116137
@getzhabitat Yea I feel ya, it does get old I'm sure. Running from cops n all that. Not worth it also. Thanks for the response anyways homie! Keep shredding!
kerrygetz 1363118821
@rogatron thanks man! That ramp was a lot of fun. It collapse this past winter. Blows!
kerrygetz 1363118842
@sk8rboycory71091 anytime bro! Take care man and you keep shredding to.
sethbassler 1363836495
@getzhabitat you ever need any board/design work done feel free to contact me. I think I know someone that would do some awesome work for ya. sethbassler at gmail dot com
ryanflow 1364349555
@getzhabitat you should get one of those aluminum decks they used to have on ebay back in 05 lmaoo
joe_clarke215 1384562521
@getzhabitat Kerry 'hockey temper' Getz
han.solo18 1422917573
I'm pist I never owned any of your boards man
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