Photo from mccranker

This stuff is awesome! #sugru

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nickdimartino 1363040646
@lakelander i love yo idea you dockery fuck
willyjoel 1363043117
Can you get it @ walmart!? Or in puerto rico cause this is awesome @mccranker !?
dustinjbromley 1363043604
Repair all your snapped decks!
leatherdaddy 1363043829
I'm into it @lakelander
lakelander 1363044169
8==✊=@ 💨💦 @nickdimartino 🎯
nickdimartino 1363045746
@lakelander hahahaha
magneticring 1363048910
Whoa. Need!
jamesraymondjames 1363056156
Sugru is legit. Love that stuff
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