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Nice one Europe! Chalk one small win up for #animalrights

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shannonlucille83 1363027766
@bom_bims lol
shannonlucille83 1363028077
@bom_bims i was pointing out how one groups success is another's bane. Easy to believe in fairy tales when you have the synthetic wool pulled over your eyes.
redundantprick 1363028219
Yeah dawg
squeakybearings 1363028349
Plenty of homeless people to test on for the price of a bottle of mad dog
deathjuice 1363028915
@jesusaintsavingshit holler
borjalexander 1363054795
Bunnys are tight
madame_guacamole 1363103635
tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight @mccranker im back tomorrow ! come over ! with my girl lee ! x
erinennnnns 1390448378
I don't know if you'll see this @mccranker .. But within the next 5 years or so they will be able to print human skin cells with 3d printers so hopefully with that comes and end to animal testing.. Look it up the future is so crazy for reals
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