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Shawn bagg #a1meat #trianwreck @axlhoss #markestwindom #georgecarr talk #oceanhowell

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jboneson 1362966396
@axlhoss yes very true!
oliver54 1362967293
@guymariano I remember you and shawn selling 101 board at blue curb claudia boards aka audio500g
exrealist 1362967980
Blind team, Lotti, me wandering through World Industries wonderland (or not), just wanted to sk8, selling thousands $$ of product out the back of my baby blue Audi 5000 with Guy Mariano, just a kid, Gavin, fun days, strange days
axlhoss 1362969722
So proud to be a part of skateboarding, real skateboarding, and not what you see now. Here's to the havenots fuck what you know and your GOD!!!! Viva la satan and the love of the shred
exrealist 1362970428
@guymariano, how are ya? Long time, so long, still baby virgins, real kind, sk8 all day--all night 24/7, where'd it go? Oh yeah, have not's, not then , not now!!! Proud of it!
exrealist 1362970451
The kid : Jack Warsaw Christopher
substance__ 1362979986
#magnolia @axlhoss @exrealist
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