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This winter suuuuuuucked. This spring ruuuuuuules!! I'm so stoked that one of my favorite places in the world to skate is in my city!! #hastingspark #hastingslocals #skateordie

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tdunnett 1362881889
chriselson 1362884659
Good to see you skating
foreaga 1362889868
brody_polinsky 1362893769
Yes! Coming back for a week see ya there! @mccranker
senor_tina 1362912995
What were ya listening to today bro? U were shredding @mccranker
mccranker 1362939430
@senor_tina Bach/robert Johnson/major laser/belle and Sebastien/grizzly bear/Philip glass/LCD sound system/yann tiersen/die antwoord... Stuff like that.
mccranker 1362939447
@cleanandsobertattoo πŸ‘πŸ‘
kazmearz 1362941231
Come to Victoria and skate six side if you haven't already! @mccranker
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