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Rob Gonzalez

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Jay's back pocket comes through again. Thanks for saving a brother today. @imantisocial #Bonkville #Domestique #JaysBodega

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Rob Gonzalez
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blackpeoplejump 1362863883
vickycoleman 1362864197
Thanks for the invite butthole
reemoid 1362869208
That was today?
imantisocial 1362872557
Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha! That shit is tight, sometimes you gotta lookout for the homies. And @vickycoleman I seen you getting back to your pad but you too cool'd me on your Cannondale
vickycoleman 1362875017
@imantisocial ahhh yeah I am.
valiantino 1367863401
Was this the last time you've ridden, G? It's been a minute since I've seen you on strava!
chillrobgee 1367863713
@valiantino I did a pier mish yesterday. My fitness and routes have been pretty wack recently since my sons was born. Nothin to really to brag about
valiantino 1367895115
Word. Hey, I posted a 2.3 mile hangover ride to pick up my car, just because I had my garmin on. Strava's good to geek out on how many miles you put on your bike/components. Hope you and the fam are good GDaddy.
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