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Nick Tucker

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Rockin some sweet @stancesocks threads today. @suprafootwear #coolcolors #turnup

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Nick Tucker
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ayden.armstrong 1387517722
I am what I eat @wes_bateman
ayden.armstrong 1387517774
You never answered my question why ate you against gays? @wes_bateman
ayden.armstrong 1387523443
Answer bitch @wes_bateman
ayden.armstrong 1387856492
Block me again nigger you be against gays I'll be fuckin racist @wes_duey
bg_wesley 1387858023
@super_rad_dude sweet all I'm all for the racism but if you come close with the fag shit I'm gonna touch your willy like your uncle did in 4th grade
ayden.armstrong 1387858380
Your a faggot come and get me faggot then I'll fuck you like your uncle fucked you faggot @wes_duey
ayden.armstrong 1387858388
Faggot @wes_duey
bg_wesley 1387858609
I thought you were all about gay rights dumbass
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