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"It was all a dream..." Christopher Wallace / Rest In Power Notorious BIG

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Rest in power to one of the best who ever spit it! Christopher Wallace was musical genius with a flow like water rippling through a trail creating a stream. All this new "Pop Hop" and dumbness will never be true "Hip Hop" and it only makes him and his legacy greater. An amazing presence, MC, story teller is so rare now a days... His words were a trip to the theatre without a ticket! I will be pumping "Ready To Die" all day in his honor, ironically I guess if you are so great and are leaving this legacy behind I can see how you would be ready to go... "It was all a dream!"
mikevanes 1362848112
πŸ‘πŸ‘ @onefelix
ssjraf 1362848491
Couldn't have said it better myself
lenni1412 1362848939
Much respect πŸ‘‘ thanks for making my day @onefelix
jenniferhosoi 1362851928
Yess,,, @onefelix pop-hop that is funny never heard that before
luise220 1362866550
The best
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