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#tbt my old 2001 911 TT fresh out the paint shop rocking a beautiful Techart front bumper.

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Kerry Getz


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aaronredpath 1362726538
The straight 6 was definitely the better engine I'm my opinion. And I agree the M1 is a stupid car. Squished up M3 that goes just as fast. What's stupid is that with each new model, the price jumps 10k. And for nothing really. Keep the E92 body and stick with the straight 6, but then they would've no doubt put a turbo on it like the new M5.
pat_rriicckk 1362726670
@getzhabitat you are right! At 70k I'd rather buy a used 550, 360 or gallardo for that... Been seeing 355 in the 50k range!
ryanflow 1364349668
@getzhabitat what you think about the GT3?? all motor is cool/dependable but id still rather have #spool
kerrygetz 1364350732
@ryanflow the NA motor is way better then the turbo. Plus wasn't a fan of the all wheel drive.
ryanflow 1364350838
@getzhabitat true, I like the RWD format better also
ryanflow 1364350857
@getzhabitat that front end is siiick btw
_alexkeal 1365187384
So that 911 in skate more was yours! @getzhabitat
bsaintmedia 1371480984
Miss these days
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