Photo from mccranker

#tbt Rickk Howard from the first Beauty and the Beast riding @_breakfree_ 's bike. #film @girlskateboards #ilovemyfriends #thankyouskateboarding #richmemories

emmi_lulu 1362690900
I saw that for the first time yesterday, definitly one of the sweetest skatefilms I've seen. With the Beauty, Beast, retard and epicly laterd edits I've seen four versions of the same trip. And it was great! Thanks
ruipedrocf 1362692978
Creio que não @timtimantunes
sfdjpirate 1362700298
Howard and cranker are the best!
rubyropa 1362706667
I love the Rick's!!
streethandle 1362713105
Right after time trials
samsklub 1362714989
Sick one. Bump over the sidewalk. "Scarface" soundtrack @streethandle
bobojr 1362715550
A Bump and the Scarface soundtrack. @grossosucks make the call
grossosucks 1362727628
Still waiting... @bobojr
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