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Rob Meronek

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Early morning on a bird with @britmeronek to #sxsw

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Rob Meronek
africaskate 1362655704
Nice #Dunks
meronek 1362657367
What's up @reeseswagod I'm only going for nerd week and have to get back to work on Tampa Pro. I'm out of there after interactive ends on Wednesday. Can't stay for music week. You got a show?
fadelaustyn 1362658332
matts_contact_sheet 1362661481
@meronek have fun man. It can get hectic. Need any suggestions for places to eat let me know.
_zgod 1362674162
@meronek hit me up dude. You're in my city!
meronek 1362691052
Oh shit, let me get my twenties! If I can break off time to skate I'll track you down. It's all keyboard very little skateboard during this nerdy ass week I'm having here. Woo!
meronek 1362691057
_zgod 1362691094
@meronek hit me on my cell 832.335.9354
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