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Hi Seila hi lemi from china thanks to torey @planbofficial @chissanpissa

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Torey Pudwill
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randy31299 1362633059
U t pud I know ur not going to read this but just in case. Ur my favorite skater and my b day is coming up and I wanted to know when ur new purple deck is coming out so I can buy it with ur new tie dye grizzly grip my old t pud deck is about to snap so can u please respond so I can know when to buy ur new board I have e mail and written a letter to u and no respon can u please respon @toreypudwill1
emmagky 1362633359
What part of china ?
daniel_bbl 1362633750
@emmagou shenzhen
burritodiablo 1362641462
Why blocking that RDS logo?
rochelletobey 1362643085
Aw seila and lemi.. 💕
@toreypudwill1 is this behind of you the logo from rds?
stc0502 1362676512
Hi. Torey. Can you tell me where you guys are going to shoot on Friday? Cuz I wanna see. Welcome to Shenzhen again.
sincerelylit 1362677801
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