Photo from nuge666

Finally got to see the "master of healing disasters" thanks again @drdavesales

nuge666 1362616618
instabummed 1362617891
Does he do magic?
mrnewmex 1362618072
Kinda looks like the TM for Active right @nuge666
_schipperke_ 1362620790
Doesn't look like he could reattach your arm @nuge666
mamajo 1362622148
My homie @hriceacupunk does acupuncture there!!
omarsalazar 1362622165
@nuge666 😀👍@drdavesales got me shredding back on my board again #HELLAquick!!! #YOURingreatHANDS!!!!
cowabunghole 1362623649
That's awesome does that dude skate?
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