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It seems s bit weird - But it is the very best fruit in the world...!

tinaroll 1323459687
#pomgranate #fruit #health #food
tinaroll 1323460097
Also! Make smoothies or drinks with it: smoothie... Pomgranate, banana, youghurt, orange and cinnamon! Drinks: shake rum with mango or lemon with s Little egg liquer, add some sprite and use Pomgranate as flavour and color ti make the night way better!
mchristensen2 1339377922
I normally break them apart in a bowl of water. The juice doesn't spray as much and the while part floats to the top.
tinaroll 1339443846
Good to know @mchristensen2 !! :) i usually spraypaint the entire Kitchen including all of my clothes... Will definitely go for the bowl of water ;)
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